Guests are always welcome at Westwood Club. All guests must be escorted by a hosting member while on club property. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests. All guests are expected to follow all Club rules and policies.

  • Dress Code
      1. Clubhouse & Restaurant
        • Proper attire is expected in all areas. This includes appropriate tennis/fitness attire and cover-ups. Wet, cut-off or torn clothing is not permitted.
        • Shirts and shoes must be worn in all public areas of the Clubhouse at all times.
        • Bathing suits without appropriate cover-ups are not permitted inside the Clubhouse.
        • For dining, shorts and open-toe shoes are not permitted for males age 15 and older.
        • For dining, fitness, tennis or swim attire of any kind is not permitted.
        • For dining, collared shirts are required for males age 15 and older.
        • Please remove all hats/caps while dining.
        • For dining, dress jeans (not torn or ill-fitted) are permitted, with the exception of specific events.
      2. Racquet Sports
        • For tennis, men (age 15 and older) must wear collared or tennis recognized non-collared shirts and tennis shorts. Cotton t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, cut-off shorts, swimwear, and street shorts (below the knee) are not permitted.
        • Women must wear proper tennis attire. Sports bras and leggings (of all lengths) are to be worn under appropriate tennis attire only.
        • For squash, players shall wear appropriate clothing when using the courts, which includes wearing a shirt at all times. No sleeveless or ripped clothing is permitted. Collared shirts are not required for squash.
        • Proper tennis footwear is required on tennis courts. Tennis shoes are not to be worn in the fitness center at any time.
        • Squash shoes are recommended for use on the courts. Tennis shoes free of court material are acceptable. Running shoes and black sole shoes are not permitted.
        • For squash, proper eye protection must be worn at all times.
  • Guest Policy
      1. For racquet sports, a guest/non-court member may play a MAXIMUM OF 2 TIMES per month with a court member.
      2. A Westwood member must accompany their guest(s) at all times. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests.
      3. Westwood members are responsible for all guest charges.
      4. All racquet sports guests must be registered with the pro shop. It is the responsibility of the member to inform the pro shop of any guests playing with them.
      5. Members/team captains are responsible for their guests’ adherence to dress codes and conduct.
      6. Pool and fitness guests must be registered prior to entering the facilities.
      7. Guest fees are as follows:
        • For racquet sports: Tennis Guest Fees: Indoor/Bubble $10+ court fee. Outdoors $5. Squash/Racquetball Guest Fee: $4 per player.
        • For pool: $5 per person.
        • For fitness: $10 per person for gym use/class participation.
      8. All guest fees will be charged to the hosting member.
  • General Rules
      1. Members and their guests shall not bring outside food or beverages including alcohol onto the Club’s premises.
      2. A bartender must mix all drinks, except when specified by Club management.
      3. Alcoholic beverages shall not be sold, served, or given to minors.
      4. Members are not permitted behind bars.
      5. No pets are allowed on Club property.
      6. An existing member must sponsor non-member functions held at the Club.
      7. The Club shall not be responsible for articles belonging to members or guests reported damaged or missing from the premises.
      8. No member shall direct the work of Club employees. Complaints, relative to the operation of the Club or its employees, should be brought to the attention of the Club’s management.
      9. The Club management shall enforce all rules concerning the use of the Clubhouse and Club facilities. Repeated violations of the rules shall be reported to the Board of Directors, with recommendations for appropriate disciplinary action.
      10. Smoking and vaping are prohibited in the interior of the Clubhouse, including the tennis courts and dining terrace. Smoking/vaping is allowed only on the second floor outdoor triangle patio and on the lower deck of the pool bar.
      11. Cell phones should be on vibrate when in the Club.
      12. No item shall be affixed, hung or displayed on the Club’s premises without the approval of the House Committee and the General Manager. All requests for such approval shall be made at the monthly meeting of the House Committee.
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