About Us

The Westwood Club has long been a part of the Richmond community. For decades, Westwood has continued to evolve and progress into one of the best private clubs in the area. We are a member-owned facility with a long tradition of athletics, community and fun.

Our Mission

Westwood Club is a premier private tennis club providing a fulfilling recreational experience surrounding the simple pleasures of family, friends, and fun. We are committed to providing our members and guests with exceptional memories from the court to the dining room while maintaining a superior level of service, expertly maintained facilities, a strong focus on health, and a relaxed atmosphere of camaraderie unmatched by others.

Our Vision

To continuously improve our amenities and services in order to create the best possible Westwood Member experience.

Our Values

  • Respect: We foster a culture that places a high value on and encourages a shared respect for all members, guests, and staff.
  • Integrity: We will be honest and fair in everything we do.
  • Family: We provide a rewarding family experience encompassing all ages.
  • Community: We are a community of responsible citizens demonstrated by our proactive community engagement as well as our sound environmental and safety practices.
  • Ownership: We openly communicate with our members to ensure they have a continuous sense of ownership, investment, and involvement in the Club.
  • Financial Responsibility: We operate the Club in a manner that promotes fiscal strength and asset conservation.

History of Westwood Club

Although Westwood has since become synonymous with racquet sports, the Westwood Club was originally a public golf course. The golf course stretched from Horsepen Road to Libbie Avenue between Broad Street and Monument Avenue. This eighteen-hole golf course was designed by famed golf architect Donald J. Ross and opened for business on May 28, 1927. Despite its popularity the economic climate of the time would eventually lead to the closing of the course and public sale of the property in 1935.

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Westwood Club
6200 West Club Lane, Richmond, VA 23226
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